Whether your family is ready to upgrade to a bigger home or your business is going to expand in a new office, you need a moving team on your side to ensure everything goes smoothly. Care More Movers & Cleaning is here to take the stress out of moving day by providing you with dependable and affordable packing, moving, delivery, and cleaning services.

Whether near or far, across the street or across the state, we would be happy to help you move wherever you need to go in Virginia. Our team will keep your property protected by using shrink wrap, furniture blankets, and other padding on every move. Rest assured, whatever we pack up will arrive at your new destination in the shape it was in before we arrived.

We firmly believe in providing CARE everywhere we go, which stands for Challenge yourself, Always stay positive, Reach for the stars, and Excellence in all we do. After being named the #1 Veteran-Owned Moving Company in Hampton Roads, we offer our clients nothing but the best on every job.

Care More Movers recognized the need for a moving company that can do it all. When you’re preparing to move out of your home, you don’t want a company that simply moves your things and leaves the rest up to you. You need a company that will assist with packing, ensuring that everything is secure, help you to unload everything, and then clean up the mess afterward.

If you’re ready to get started with the Care More team, we would be happy to provide a quote for your move. Call us, or receive an instant quote by email or text message. It would be our pleasure to help you relax on even the most hectic moving days. Reach out now to get started.